Canine Focus Dog TrainingEden Park, Victoria

At Canine Focus our aim is to provide an up to date dog training practice with an emphasis on methods, techniques and applications that are scientifically based and ethically balanced.

"Do not make training decisions based on what you think the dog is thinking because most if the time you will be wrong!"

With many years of experience in the dog training industry, we have gathered a broad range of the best tools and techniques and tailored them to create fun and unique training classes that you and your dog will love.

We offer a variety of training classes hosted at our 10 acre Eden Park property, ranging from Puppy Foundation Classes to Socialisation and Tricks classes.

In addition, we provide an in home dog training service which is tailored to your dogs individual needs.

At Canine Focus, we understand the importance of not only using the most appropriate training methods, but above all having patience, both with yourself and your dog. You may find some of the information or instructions difficult and even frustrating, but just imagine how your dog feels. Patience, practice, and consistent effort will go a long way towards achieving your training goals.

Training We Provide

Canine Focus provides a wide range of group and individual in home training for you and your dog to succeed. Services include:

  • In Home Dog Training
  • Group Dog Training
  • Puppy Training
  • Dog Behavioural Issues
  • Good Dog Manners
  • Preventing Dog Biting and Chewing
  • Introducing your Dog to a New Baby
  • Dog Socialisation
  • Canine Communication
  • Dog Tricks
  • Agility
  • Building a Strong Bond With Your Dog
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Expert In Home Dog Training Consultations

Tailored Training

All dog training is adapted to you and your dogs individuals needs.

Dog Training When It Suits You

Flexible bookings available on weekdays or weekends.

In Your Home and Surroundings

Provides you and your dog with more realistic surroundings and better opportunities to form good habits.

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Group Dog Training Classes

Unique Classes You Wont Find Anywhere Else

Whether you want to teach your dog basic obedience, advanced tricks or anything in between, Canine Focus has developed specialist, one of a kind classes that you and your dog will love.

10 Acre Training Grounds

Our huge property in Eden Park has been designed with the best facilities to train your dog.
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Accell Therapy - Now Available!

Accell Therapy provides a simple and effective, reliable and repeatable therapy that can enhance the healing recovery in all animals. It is one of the safest forms of therapy available, and is a medically proven system that has been helping human conditions since 1949.